18 years old

Yesterday my quads turned 18 years old. It seems incredible! I still remember my overnights awake, preparing food and changing diapers. The day when they started to take the spoon to eat, the day when they started to walk, changes their clothes or taking a shower alone. The first school day, birthdays, etc I do have a … More 18 years old

Sleeping in airports

The landscape is very common: people huddled on the floor, folded on uncomfortable chairs, ruffled hairs, looking listless and bags under the eyes and walking in slow motion with an annoying face. This panorama looks like The Walking Dead tv show but no: Have you ever spent the night in any airport? I really don’t know … More Sleeping in airports

32 days of red-eyes

The day when I started my journey, my wife and kids had waited for the bus to the airport with me. They were sad. My daughter Dolores told me: “why I can’t do this travel with you?” When the bus arrived, my wife said: “take care, enjoy and come back?”. And I replied: “I don’t … More 32 days of red-eyes

Winery day

I won an auction wine last week. Saturday I went to take it, hoping to buy other wines. In general, I hate sellers: could I help you? Ok, it’s their work, but I dislike anyway. But,  every rule has its exception. I like talk with wine sellers and spend the time talking about this beverage. … More Winery day

Booked !

I’m so excited! I just booked my trip to Bangkok… YAY, YAY, YAY !!! I had always wanted to travel Southeast Asia. For one or another reason, I have postponed it: last year, because my job. This year, I decided go to Europe with my family. Now, it’s my turn to my travel solo. I’ll try … More Booked !

Home office

My office is close to my house, about 15 blocks. And the client where I’ve been working the last months, just 8 blocks (my place is in the Downtown, btw). Usually, I do home office every Friday. No reason at all. Or maybe because I like work using flip-flops and don’t need comb my hair?. … More Home office

Love behind bread

When I was young, I’ve lived with my grandma because she had a hip condition and reduced mobility. She fell out stairs during an earthquake. She needed help to clean, buy, etc and company. It was a great time to me. She was a strict person but generous and funny. At that time in Peru, … More Love behind bread

Gnocchi Recipe

When I was in a college I used to spend the time in a house of a friend. Some days, in that house, we were three or four guys. And other days, about twenty. We used to have no money too. To survive, we found the best way to eat cheaper: doing gnocchi. With that, I learned hate the … More Gnocchi Recipe

Skating with heels

My wife is tiny. She uses shoes with big heels, always. To her, uses heels are the same that flip-flop. Sometimes, I think, She sleeps and take a shower with shoes on. When we lived in Rio de Janeiro, our house was near to the Copacabana beach. All Sunday, they close the Atlantica Ave. for walkers, … More Skating with heels

Makeup yourself

My Horrible kid! Nina is very independent. She thinks she can do whatever she wants. She always tries and tries. She hates ask for help. She is a real hard-headed. One day, She decides makeup herself and paint her nails. See the result She really believed her nails and makeup were amazing. I hate her 🙂 … More Makeup yourself