In a cage – Taxis in Lima-Peru

Take a taxi in Peru could be very funny and an interesting experience

First at all, the taxis there aren’t regulated. That means anyone could be a taxi driver (like Uber but very different). For that reason, if you are in Lima, you’ll see a lot of taxis there: old and broken cars.

If you have a car and need some money, just stick in the car windscreen a “TAXI” label. Now, you’re able to work.

Next: No taximeter, of course. So, how they calculate the rate? New driver needs to know the streets and distance to calculate the correct rate. But, they are liars/cheaters and guessing the rate. High rate, for sure.

So, you need to be smart and negotiate the rate.  To me, it’s very funny the negotiation.

Like this:

  • Me: How much until downtown?
  • Driver: 20
  • M: What? I’ll pay you 8
  • D: Noon. Traffic is a mess. 15
  • M: 15? Are you crazy? I got here from there by 6.
  • D: Ok. 12?
  • M: Ok. 10 then?
  • D: Ok

If you don’t get a price that you want to pay. No problem. For sure, behind of that car, two or three “taxis” are waiting for your possible frustrated negotiation.

It’s very funny, believe me. I took taxis just to negotiate ridiculous prices.

One day, I took one at night. When we did some blocks, the driver say me: could you pay me in advance? I asked: why? And he said: it’s my first trip. I have no money neither gas. I need to put some gas if you want reach to your hotel.

The cage: our last day in Lima, we finished early our work and the flight were about midnight.

After lunch, we decided go to the cinema. We took a taxi,  I negotiate the price and I sat in the front.  I was surprised to see my coworkers in the cage! Noelle was outraged.

I didn’t understand this cage. What is the function? The driver feels safety? Maybe there, drivers are strangled? Because this cage may help to prevent that.

See you soon.



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