Gnocchi Recipe

When I was in a college I used to spend the time in a house of a friend. Some days, in that house, we were three or four guys. And other days, about twenty. We used to have no money too.

To survive, we found the best way to eat cheaper: doing gnocchi. With that, I learned hate the gnocchi, because sometimes we ate gnocchi until four times per week.

I don’t remember when was my last gnocchi dish, for sure, more than ten years. My youngest kids never eating gnocchi and just to they changing their menu, I made it.

Ingredients: smashes potatoes, egg, floor, cream cheese, salt, pepper, nutmeg

Directions: Mix all the ingredients and knead until get a uniform dough and does not stick in your hands.

Put floor on the table. Make dough rolls and cut it in small parts.

Bring a large pan of water to boll add salt and the gnocchi until they “floating” on the surface.

I did a tomatoes sauce and added Parmesan cheese.

They love this new food and I’ll do again it in ten years


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