Winery day

I won an auction wine last week. Saturday I went to take it, hoping to buy other wines. In general, I hate sellers: could I help you? Ok, it’s their work, but I dislike anyway. But,  every rule has its exception. I like talk with wine sellers and spend the time talking about this beverage. … More Winery day

Booked !

I’m so excited! I just booked my trip to Bangkok… YAY, YAY, YAY !!! I had always wanted to travel Southeast Asia. For one or another reason, I have postponed it: last year, because my job. This year, I decided go to Europe with my family. Now, it’s my turn to my travel solo. I’ll try … More Booked !

Home office

My office is close to my house, about 15 blocks. And the client where I’ve been working the last months, just 8 blocks (my place is in the Downtown, btw). Usually, I do home office every Friday. No reason at all. Or maybe because I like work using flip-flops and don’t need comb my hair?. … More Home office

Love behind bread

When I was young, I’ve lived with my grandma because she had a hip condition and reduced mobility. She fell out stairs during an earthquake. She needed help to clean, buy, etc and company. It was a great time to me. She was a strict person but generous and funny. At that time in Peru, … More Love behind bread