Love behind bread

When I was young, I’ve lived with my grandma because she had a hip condition and reduced mobility. She fell out stairs during an earthquake. She needed help to clean, buy, etc and company.

It was a great time to me. She was a strict person but generous and funny.

At that time in Peru, you could only buy freshly baked bread between 7 and 9 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.

My Grandma loved fresh bread and I loved sleep. She slept downstairs and I upstairs. At 8 a.m., she started yelling me: “WAKE UP. TIME IS RUNNING UP! I WANT TO BREAD! WAKE UP!” Sometimes She used a bell to call me.

All days the same. From Monday to Sunday the identical scene. She always had bread 🙂

When my actual wife came to live with me, on Saturdays I used to say her: “Wake up! I want my fresh bread”. You know, love can do anything: she got up and buying bread.

Last weekend, I said her: “I want fresh bread” and she said: “use your legs” 😦

I didn’t use my legs and used my hands and did baguettes.

Ingredients: flour, yeast, warm water, salt

Directions:  make the sponge (see Eat my Calzone).

Make a volcano flour. Yeast and salt aren’t friends, so let the salt out of the volcano and add it slowly in the dough. Add warm water as necessary. Knead about 20/30 minutes. Leave in a bowl covered in cling film about 1 hour.

Knead again (five minutes). Divide into two or three pieces. Spread dough with a rolling pin. Then roll the dough making the baguettes. Leave in a tray about 1 hour in a warm and humid environment. preheated the oven. Put inside the oven a pan with water (bread need humidity)

When the baguettes rise, make several cuts in the dough and spray water. Put into the oven about 25 minutes and done!

Enjoy your fresh bread made with love

See you soon



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