Winery day

I won an auction wine last week. Saturday I went to take it, hoping to buy other wines.

In general, I hate sellers: could I help you? Ok, it’s their work, but I dislike anyway.

But,  every rule has its exception. I like talk with wine sellers and spend the time talking about this beverage.

The wine shop had no much wines and the seller was just it: a seller. She didn’t know anything about wines. Just the prices.

Me: “Have you some good pinot noir?”

She: “I don’t know… look around, maybe you could find someone…”

Then, I paid and leave this place.

On the way to my house, I remembered a wine store, near from my house with a good deal: buy 6 bottles of three different vintages and get 20% discount.

The owner is 26 years old. When I met him I said Life is too short to drink cheap wine. He said: there’s no other way to live your life.

His store is new. He told about how he began in the wine world and how he got the store. We talked for a long and shared experiences and knowledge about wine. Nice chat.

Finally, I chose 6 wines, analyzing with him pros and cons, taste, etc


Peter Lehmann Shiraz 2008. It’s my first wine. That one I got it in the auction. Have you ever tried Australian wine?

It’s a must.

This Shiraz or Syrah was amazing. Strong. Good taste. In the beginning, cherry is very intense and finished with a solid plum.

I’ll miss him

The others wine are from Argentina. Are in my line to drink

Do you want to come? I’ll glad to share those with you

See you soon



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