My solo travel is just begun

I booked my trip in last September, but I wanted to do this travel since 20 years ago, but what happened? Just a little things: marriage, kids, divorce, marriage, more kids.

Anyway, finally it’s my time. Running away from my family and job? Sure! Life is short to be right always. From my point of view, sometimes is necessary be selfish in this life and do whatever you do.

How do I convince to my wife? Well… wasn’t hard actually. She always supported my decision to do this travel. But, just in case, last year I gave to her a trip Europe: Lisbon, Paris, Florence and Rome. When we came back I told her: next time is my time.

My time out is just 32 days, starting in a few minutes. I’ll start my trip going to Sao Paulo – Brazil. I’ll be there a full day.

Then, after 28hrs, I’ll reach Bangkok followed by Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Phuket.

I already bought all my airlines tickets. Using alerts in several sites, I got ridiculous prices. For instance from Hong Kong to Phuket I paid 15 USD.
My backpack is minimal. Just 7kg

I didn’t do any plan in any place. I’ll to go wherever the wind takes me and try to eat a lot.

I’m ready to go in the airport.




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