32 days of red-eyes

The day when I started my journey, my wife and kids had waited for the bus to the airport with me. They were sad. My daughter Dolores told me: “why I can’t do this travel with you?”

When the bus arrived, my wife said: “take care, enjoy and come back?”. And I replied: “I don’t know… maybe?”

Travelling solo to the another side of the world actually means, stay totally alone. In my case, I’ve had three different time zone: +10, +11, +12 hours. So, when I woke up, was the dinner time of them. I texted to my wife and waited about two hours to got some text of her. When she was free to text me, it was late because I was on the street.

It was my best travel ever. Not only because I wanted to do this travel about 20 years before; when you do a solo travel, instead of getting to know new cities, countries, cultures and people, travelling solo also starts a self-journey within. It was an amazing time to reconnect with myself.

After 32 days around the Southeast Asia, I was back to my place few days ago, safe and sound


  • Cities I have visited: Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Phuket
  • Layover cities: Madrid, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Dubai, Milan, Brasilia
  • Local food: Maybe 6 or 7 times per day I had my meals, but always starved. Even with that, I have lost about 3kgs
  • Drinks: In cities with high temperatures, I drunk about four liters of water per day.  Also, several natural fruit juices. The only city I have been with cold weather was Tokyo, having my breakfast in Starbucks because girls there were super kind and cute. Also, I loved when I getting in and they said (all together): “ohayō gozaimasu”
  • Local people: the best way to know about the cities and lifestyle is hanging out with. In this journey, I met and made some friends there
  • Airport’s life: To do my whole trip, I had used 17 planes. Running, eating and sleeping in
  • Local transportation: Trains, buses, subways, motorbikes and my feets
  • Accommodations: Hotels, hostels, capsules and airport’s bench/floor

In the next days, I will share my chronicles about this travel.

Finally, I want to do a public mention about my wife because, my travel, would not have been possible without her support. She stayed alone for those 32 days, with our three kids while I have been alone and enjoyed my loneliness. For that reason, I just want to say: Gracias Bone! You were always on my mind and virtually next to me on my last voyage.



4 thoughts on “32 days of red-eyes

  1. Me imagino que esto recien empieza…. aqui puedes extenderte un poco mas en anecdotas del viaje y de las comidas y los lugares que te impresionaron mas, pienso no? …. 😀 bueno, estare esperando ♥
    pd, que me trajiste :v

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  2. Pense que era viaje de trabajo!! Asia es un destino pendiente, te falto la muralla china! Me saco el sombrero por Mercedes, yo no hubiera atracado 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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