Sleeping in airports

The landscape is very common: people huddled on the floor, folded on uncomfortable chairs, ruffled hairs, looking listless and bags under the eyes and walking in slow motion with an annoying face. This panorama looks like The Walking Dead tv show but no: Have you ever spent the night in any airport?

I really don’t know how many times I’ve been in airports. For sure, more than a thousand times. I can’t begin to count how many times I have seen people sleeping in the airports. When that happened, I always thought: Poor guy. He has a long layover and no money to pay a hotel.

Well, I changed my mind and my thought is: that guy is a lazy guy and don’t want to get a hotel.

Al least, that happened to me on my last journey. When I booked my flights, I tried to choose latest flights to maximise the days: flying at night then enjoying the day. With that, I won two extended layovers in Bangkok. Both starting at midnight.

Actually, I must confess: when I booked those flight I said to my wife (with sadness in my voice): “I have two big layovers at midnight in Bangkok… I’ll sleep in the airport… or maybe I can go to Bangkok’s parties…”. She looked at me, with incredulous face and said: “I think… you should try to sleep in the airport, after all, you had never done it before”.

My first big layover was twelve hours: arriving at 10pm and departing next day at 10am. It sounds good enough to spend the night in the city. But, the real layover time is reduced to:

  • 30 min to the plane parks
  • 15 min walking from the gate to health control (South American citizens needs to check the fever yellow certificate in Thailand, before migrations office)
  • 30 min do to the health control
  • 1:30 min to do migration-things (bigger queues are there)
  • 30 min to get a bus
  • 60 min to get the city


  • 1 hour from the city to the airport
  • 3 hours before time to depart

My tentative twelve hours of “party in Bangkok” are, actually, just four hours. Worth it? Not to me. So, let’s try to sleep in the airport… hurray! (?)

If you have never slept in any airport, maybe just need to train to getting the perfect spot and also, if you are shy, you need to leave your shyness at home

Look at the pics above: usually, the best place to have a nap is on the floor. Staying away from the people. Benches usually are uncomfortable and people could ask you to release it.

Also, keep away from the halls. An empty hall may become a crowded hall

Walking around the Suvarnabhumi Airport at 2 am, I saw the most wonderful things you can found in the airport at that time: a sofa!

It was amazing. Like water in the desert.

The only issue was: Bangkok weather is hot. Outside at midnight, the temperature is about 30°C degrees. Inside… no idea, maybe 15°C? this airport is extremely cold. Anyway, be prepared to resist low temp. I mean: wearing shorts aren’t a good idea

There is another issue: no showers in this airport. Actually, from almost all of my travel, I scarcely found an airport shower that can appropriately accommodate travellers. I just found showers in Dubai Airport.

Perhaps, for the common good,  all travelers deserves showers in all the airports.

Please, think about it trying to remember: how many times did you have a stinky traveller next to you on a plane?

Just in case, I’m ready to my next travel. Are you?





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