Makeup yourself

My Horrible kid! Nina is very independent. She thinks she can do whatever she wants. She always tries and tries. She hates ask for help. She is a real hard-headed. One day, She decides makeup herself and paint her nails. See the result She really believed her nails and makeup were amazing. I hate her 🙂 … More Makeup yourself

Pancakes night

All kid in this world wants to be just one thing: BIG. Why? They think adult people has advantage or benefits: eat whatever we want, drink, sleep, travel, etc. We’re the responsible of those thoughts, FYI. I tried and still try, teach to my kids how the life could be hard. Having said that: my kids love … More Pancakes night

Horrible kid!

My youngest daughter, Nina, usually is an unpleasant girl. She is just 2 years old. She’s very independent. She takes her dish with food and goes to her room to eat alone. If you say something she says: grrrrr…. no no no. She was toilet trained and out of nappies when she was 18 months. She hated … More Horrible kid!