Sleeping in airports

The landscape is very common: people huddled on the floor, folded on uncomfortable chairs, ruffled hairs, looking listless and bags under the eyes and walking in slow motion with an annoying face. This panorama looks like The Walking Dead tv show but no: Have you ever spent the night in any airport? I really don’t know … More Sleeping in airports

32 days of red-eyes

The day when I started my journey, my wife and kids had waited for the bus to the airport with me. They were sad. My daughter Dolores told me: “why I can’t do this travel with you?” When the bus arrived, my wife said: “take care, enjoy and come back?”. And I replied: “I don’t … More 32 days of red-eyes

Horrible kid!

My youngest daughter, Nina, usually is an unpleasant girl. She is just 2 years old. She’s very independent. She takes her dish with food and goes to her room to eat alone. If you say something she says: grrrrr…. no no no. She was toilet trained and out of nappies when she was 18 months. She hated … More Horrible kid!