Sleeping in airports

The landscape is very common: people huddled on the floor, folded on uncomfortable chairs, ruffled hairs, looking listless and bags under the eyes and walking in slow motion with an annoying face. This panorama looks like The Walking Dead tv show but no: Have you ever spent the night in any airport? I really don’t know … More Sleeping in airports

32 days of red-eyes

The day when I started my journey, my wife and kids had waited for the bus to the airport with me. They were sad. My daughter Dolores told me: “why I can’t do this travel with you?” When the bus arrived, my wife said: “take care, enjoy and come back?”. And I replied: “I don’t … More 32 days of red-eyes

Booked !

I’m so excited! I just booked my trip to Bangkok… YAY, YAY, YAY !!! I had always wanted to travel Southeast Asia. For one or another reason, I have postponed it: last year, because my job. This year, I decided go to Europe with my family. Now, it’s my turn to my travel solo. I’ll try … More Booked !

Pikachu never evolve

When you travel by work or business, you see all the things in different than if it’s for pleasure I already talk about the Travel pants, but I think even worse that those pants are: the characters! I found this Pikachu-man in Santiago de Chile Airport… Actually were two Pokemon but I didn’t get a picture together… Maybe … More Pikachu never evolve

Look the door!!!!

I’m sure, the message is very clear. No doubts at all. So, tell me WHY do you didn’t look the door? The last four years, I’ve been a lot of time on planes. Regional and international flights. I didn’t count those travels, but I think, the average was one round trip per week. Nor I didn’t count … More Look the door!!!!