My little family

Let me introduce my Family:

My wife, Mercedes or just Bone (her pet name). She’s my partner since 2006. My friend. Great mother. She doesn’t know how to iron clothes. She does many desserts. Hum… what else… oh, almost forgot: we hate each other

Nina my youngest daughter. She is 2 and my Horrible kid! She likes Miley Cyrus and bark a lot. My wife chooses her name from the neighbors of the Imagination Movers

 Mex, the only one in Argentina with this name. He is 4 and likes eat. Smart, lazy and want to speak all languages of the world

Dolores is 6. We choose her name from The Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan. She likes planes and travel a lot. I think, She’ll be a flight attendant or backpacker.

My oldest kids are from my first marriage. They are quads. Yes, quadruplets. They born having 30 weeks.

They’re 17 years old.

Carolina: My brunette. When she born, she was ugly. Looks she a monkey. Now she’s so pretty. Very smart and quiet. Loves One Direction

Katia: She was bald until was two years. The smaller when she born: 1.050 grams. She likes photography and One Direction. 

Gonzalo: He’s the smartest. He wanted read the newspapers with 4 years. English bilingual. Selfless. Serious and handsome.

Lucas: He’s lazy but smart. He’s lonely. Likes computer games and PS3 and youtube. Very sensible and intolerant

That is all. My little family.

See you soon


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