Pancakes night

All kid in this world wants to be just one thing: BIG. Why? They think adult people has advantage or benefits: eat whatever we want, drink, sleep, travel, etc. We’re the responsible of those thoughts, FYI. I tried and still try, teach to my kids how the life could be hard. Having said that: my kids love … More Pancakes night

Pikachu never evolve

When you travel by work or business, you see all the things in different than if it’s for pleasure I already talk about the Travel pants, but I think even worse that those pants are: the characters! I found this Pikachu-man in Santiago de Chile Airport… Actually were two Pokemon but I didn’t get a picture together… Maybe … More Pikachu never evolve

Look the door!!!!

I’m sure, the message is very clear. No doubts at all. So, tell me WHY do you didn’t look the door? The last four years, I’ve been a lot of time on planes. Regional and international flights. I didn’t count those travels, but I think, the average was one round trip per week. Nor I didn’t count … More Look the door!!!!

Horrible kid!

My youngest daughter, Nina, usually is an unpleasant girl. She is just 2 years old. She’s very independent. She takes her dish with food and goes to her room to eat alone. If you say something she says: grrrrr…. no no no. She was toilet trained and out of nappies when she was 18 months. She hated … More Horrible kid!

Plugged me

Are you ready to your next travel? I have a lot of adapters and I always travel with all of them In my experience, never is enough: Maybe a coworker leave his adapter at home or maybe I forgot mine in the hotel/office. Maybe, after stayed all the day in the street, your phones, cam, tablet, etc … More Plugged me

What is Tiramisu?

Perhaps do you remember Sleepless in Seattle movie, a romantic film with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks In this movie, Sam (Tom Hanks) is recently widowed and his son (Jay) calls to radio show trying to find a new partner for his father. In some part of this movie, Jay is helping Sam get back into dating scene and … More What is Tiramisu?